Startup Support Program


Dear Customers,

Babeeni is proud of being a trustworthy and reputable supplier of children smocked clothing for thousands of business from wholesalers, distributors to boutique owners. Many businessmen have been working with our company from the early-stage of our business until now and have frequently expressed their satisfaction with the service we provide. Over the past few years, the number of Babeeni’s customers who are Startup-ers from various countries have been increasing steadily. Many of them have shared with us their happiness of finding ready sales for the products as well as how enthusiastic reception our smocked children clothing has had in their home markets. Some of them have even shared their successful start-up stories with Babeeni in social media, such as forums and blogs, conveying inspiration for hundreds of people. Without doubt, the success of our working partners is an indescribable happiness and a great pleasure of Babeeni which creates a strong momentum for us to seamlessly improve and enhance our service. Babeeni considers it as a mission, providing Startup-ers with the best of our ability to support and assist them during our handling of their orders with us.

To take a further step in bringing more values to our potential customers who have been nurturing the dream of establishing a business of their own in fashion kid-wear industry, Babeeni takes great pleasure to launch out our Startup Support Program. The main purpose of this Program is to provide a substantial financial support for our customers as Startup-ers and to establish the image of Babeeni as a startup friendly supplier. At the same time, Babeeni also wants to play a part in the encouragement of startup spirit, especially in our traditional markets such as US, UK and other European markets. The implementation of our Startup Support Program is to commence from 5th September 2017 in which we offer subjects of this Program various favorable policies as follow:

  • Offering a 18% STARTUP DISCOUNT calculated on the value of the first order, applied for MOQ of 10 lots/mixed designs (One lot contains full sizes of each design)

  • Offering a BUY 10 LOTS GET 1 LOT FREE policy for successive orders. Particularly, when ordering 10 lots, customers will get another lot for fee (making the total order 11 lots)*

  • Providing a SPECIAL SUPPORT from our Startup Support Team. Customers of the Program will be given our best support, including issues about best-selling items, making order in step-by-step, consultancy of the best delivery solution, and any other incurred inquiries

To register to our Startup Support Program, please contact our staff for detailed instruction:

  • Ms. Luna:

  • Mr. Billy:

We hope that through the Startup Support Program, Babeeni Overstock can be an enthusiastic constituent part of your startup plan and can contribute greatly to your business success!

We look forward to becoming your business partner!

Best regards,

Babeeni Overstock Team

*The value of the free lot must not exceed the value of the lot with lowest value in the original 10 lots.

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