Babeeni Spring Festival Hai Duong 2019

2019-01-16 03:49:58

On two days from 12th to 13th January 2019, at the new factory Babeeni in Hai Duong Babeeni Company organized the event "Spring Festival" factory which was celebrated to welcome the company workers and the local inhabitants.

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Our new factory had started on operation phase one year ago and gradually accepted more orders from the US and EU market.

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Mrs Marry Duong, the founder of Babeeni hopes that Babeeni can keep continuing to contribute a small part to the local community and creating the most comfortable working environment for our employee.

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We expect the new factory also will create more opening job and opportunities not only for the local community but also for disabled people and people under difficult circumstances.

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Our management team seeks to encourage local community confidence in joining our event, attract talent and skilful worker.

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We have lots of traditional game and music activity at this event, too. 

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Local people and Babeeni staffs are eager to join these fun, exciting and joyful activities 

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We had organized various selling shop with wide range of souvenir stuff": Vietnamese traditional ceramic

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Children clothes in the winter season
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Vietnamese fresh and seasonal fruit

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In this special event, we are so happy that we can bring some small gifts to the local community by selling really good stuff with half price.