Happy International Children's Day with Babeeni

2017-06-01 15:19:51

Among big children festivals in Vietnam, International Children's Day is one of the most expected events of children. To bring exciting atmosphere to children during the festival, a wonderful and meaningful program of International Children's Day for all staff's children in Babeeni was organized. The program with many activities was celebrated on Wednesday evening with the hope of bringing happiness to children on their holiday.

With the careful preparation, the program was officially opened at 7 pm by the host. All distinguish guests and Babeeni's staff and their children had intimate dinner.

The performances of dancing, singing, reading poetry of children and mini joyful  games were interwoven during the program brought pleasure, happiness and satisfaction to all participants. After each activity, children who joined received motivational spirit gifts.

Little princess’s performance 

Happy time of playing mini games

Parents also took part in the game

The highlight of activities in the program during International Children's Day is gift giving activity for children who had excellent academic achievements and for all children taking part in the program.

Babeeni’s Director gave gift for children who had excellent academic achievements

And for all children on their day

Till 9 pm, the host announced closing the program. All had smiles on their faces. It was indeed a meaningful and joyful program for children on International Children's Day.

Everyone felt happy 

Smiled all the time

Thank you to Babeeni company's Managers giving such a memorable program.