New Arrivals for Spring Summer

2019-02-19 08:01:16

Many new designs are updated for on Babeeni Overstock website. Let’s see what’s new for Spring Summer 2019 Collection.

Machine embroidery new technique

New computerized embroidery and sewing machines are applied for new designs. High speed, applying on various fabric types and clever stitches are strong points. Baseball machine embroidery boy outfit - BB1508, Nice rugby embroidery boy outfit - BB1557 and Crab machine embroidery boy outfit - BB1555 are some updates using new technique of machine embroidery.


Ultimate floral dress

Considering as must-have item when it comes to spring and summer, a floral dress should be the top of your wish-list. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities, a pretty floral dress can be dressed up no matter the occasion. Matching tiny flower hand embroidered patterns around the neck, ruffles and sash bow are additions to build the perfect look for a pretty sweet little girl.


Geometric smocked floral dress for girls - BB1534            Pretty ladybug smocked dress - BB1522

The world under the sea

Updates nautical looks with a new sense of travel and adventure, images of sailboat, anchor, light house, ship wheel and sea animals are all-over printed and machine embroidered fabrics.  Besides, familiar patterns in Babeeni related to marine life like Little Mermaid, starfish, seashell, seahorse, etc  are continue used, combining with trending fabric this season.


Sailboat smocked boy clothing set - BB1528                 Sailboat hand smocked girl dress - BB1524

Ship wheel machine embroidery boy outfit - BB1513         Little mermaid hand smocked baby bubble - BB1398

Discover all of our new items for spring summer 2019 at the hyperlink attached.