How to wash baby clothes and remove stains

2017-05-27 10:25:21

As you know are usually prone to wear and tear due to regular washing. There are tough stains on with food, milk and spit up frequently. Washers can push deterioration faster. Mothers do not need to fret about this problem because there are many ways to prevent your from deteriorating. We will share with you some tips in terms of washing baby clothes and removing stains


1.      Turn the inside out.


You should turn the clothes of your babies inside out when washing them to prevent the color from fading. The friction inside the washing machine speeds up the color loss in garments.

2.      Check the pockets of for loose objects, papers and tissues.


If there are tissues and papers that stick to the garment once in the washer, it is more difficult to remove. Some colored papers bleed their pigment into the clothes as well. You also inspect the pockets for loose buttons and rips. You can mend the rips and bursting seams before washing to prevent the damage from getting worse.

3.      Pre-treat the stains on smocked kids dresses


You should pre-treat the stains before washing especially for smocked girl dresses instead of using hot water. Hot water could release the color in beautiful thus results in to fading and damages the elasticity of fibers. It is better if you soak your baby and toddler outfits overnight in mild stain remover and throw them in the washer with the rest of the load.


4.      No lingering bleach residues in the bleach compartment.


You should run an empty water cycle to wash off the bleach thoroughly. As possible, avoid using bleach if not necessary because bleach weakens the fabric and thus shortening the life of your .


5.      Should not be washed new clothes in cold water first.


If you wash new in cold water will help set the color. New garments tend to bleed colors so must separately wash them.


6.      Refrain from using high heat when drying .

It is best when you dry clothes under the sun. You should shake the clothes first to avoid wrinkles and creases so that you will not need to iron them anymore. This blog gives some basic steps that help mothers lengthen the ’s life. All mothers can apply them in washing clothes for their small angels.