Babeeni hold fund raising event successfully

2018-09-04 09:21:58

Natural calamity is the best awesome danger for all countries including Vietnam. Last month heavy rains ravaged a lot in the remote and mountainous northern Yen Bai province including peoples, houses and districts. Following the latest report, 15 people have been killed so far, 20 injured with an additional 12 missing people. There are more than 295 houses damaged or destroyed and more than 1,000 households must be relocated. The most districts  are damaged badly. That is really heavy damages for households in Yen Bai province.

Therefore, Babeeni appealed everyone to support flooding victims who are still struggled with the consequences. The whole Babeeni family contributed at least one or two day's salaries even three day’s salaries. Besides, on August 31st, Babeeni has participated in the fund-raising event successfully via holding program of Music and song exchange. Everyone was enthusiastic to take part in & the program ended successfully. Via the program, Babeeni raised 464 millions Vietnam Dong to support flooding victims. That is surprising amount from Charities. Babeeni will use that money to go to food, basic home repairs, kids’ needs, and other personal services for Yen Bai people. We hope Yen bai peole will overcome this trouble soon.